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. Which theory of emotion would have the greatest difficulty explaining these effects?

o 8-10 sentences as a minimum is expected per DQ answer (just a rough idea), quality content is more important than quantity

o Fully respond to all parts of the DQ

o Use

Required Textbook:

Psychology in Everyday Life (w/out Access Code) Edition: 3rd Author: Myers

ISBN: 9781464109362

Copyright Year: 2014

Publisher: Worth Publishing Company

material from the book to support your response and to demonstrate your understanding of the material (in your own words)

Although Jan appears to be underweight, she is afraid of becoming fat and so is always dieting. Although Gene appears to be overweight, he enjoys eating and always eats as much as he wants. Explain how their different reactions to food might result from (a) differences in their inner bodily states and (b) differences in their reactions to external incentives.

Tranquilizing drugs that inhibit sympathetic nervous system activity often effectively reduce people’s subjective experience of intense anger or anxiety. Use one of the major theories of emotion to account for the emotion-reducing effects of such tranquilizers. Which theory of emotion would have the greatest difficulty explaining these effects?

When Julie and her boyfriend Jack watch frightening horror movies together, they often experience explosive feelings of passionate affection for each other. Use your understanding of the physiology of emotion and the spillover effect to explain why horror movies could fuel their romantic feelings.

VIDEO RESPONSE – (need email for videos)
o Watch all of the posted videos for each module. Comment on 2-3 videos regarding your reactions, your experiences (if applicable), and how the videos relate to the book material. Demonstrate your understanding of the concepts.