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EHS205 Medical Emergencies Written Assignment

Assignment learning outcomes 

  • CLO 1 Describe the epidemiology, population health, and pathology related to medical emergencies commonly encountered by emergency medical services;
  • CLO 2 Locate and evaluate evidence that informs the management of medical emergencies across the lifespan;
  • CLO 3 Describe the clinical manifestations of medical conditions commonly encountered by emergency medical senrices;
  • CLO 4 Demonstrate a systematic patient assessment and formulation of differential diagnosis based on the patient’s presentation;
  • CLO 5 Demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply theoretical Knowledge and clinical skills to the assessment and management of patients with medical emergencies across the lifespan;
  • CLO 6 Demonstrate the application of therapeutic agents used in the management of common medical emergencies;
  • CLO 7 Relate the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of therapeutic agents used for the management of common medical emergencies;
  • CLO 8 Describe the appropriate assessment and management of pain;
  • CLO 9 Evaluate the appropriateness and efficacy of care in relation to the special needs of patients across the lifespan;
  • CLO 10 Demonstrate professional affective behaviour and communication with patients, family member, and other healthcare providers.

Assessment details

Assessment 2: Emergencies Research & Presentation
Due Date
30% 2 Part assignment – each part worth 15%
Fart 1: Written Assignment 1000 words +i- 10%
Part 2: Presentation 5 minutes (plus or minus 30 seconds)
Details of Task
Fart 1
Each student will firstly select a type of medical emergency to
investigate. They will produce a succinctly written assignment detailing
this condition and provide information pertaining to this medical
emergency as detailed below.
These assignments will be graded according to the rubric detailed in
the appendix of this document.
Part 2

Written Assignment

  • Submission date: Monday 14th March 4pm DEADLINE
  • Assignments must be submitted in Blackboard and emailed to the lecturer.
  • Only use ‘Word’. Recommended to regularly save your work.
  • Pdf not accepted
  • This is a 1,000-word assignment.
  • +/- 10% (Minimum 900 words, maximum 1,100 words)
  • Your cover sheet and reference list are NOT counted in the  word count
  • Draft copies will not be reviewed
  • Only 1 submission is permitted into Blackboard- ensure you upload the correct and FINAL assignment.


Ensure you save your work to your device and a back-up device such as a memory USB stick, so in the event of an IT malfunction you will be able to recover your work.


  • Choose a medical emergency and provide a brief description of the pathophysiology. i.e asthma
  • Provide a detailed and accurate treatment and management plan for the condition (using and referencing clinical guidelines and protocols)
  • Look for and identify new advances or recent research in this field that may not yet be standard practice in the UAE or in prehospital care- ensure you reference your source(s)
  • Now use this information/evidence to discuss how this could be of benefit to paramedics delivering pre-hospital care
  • Provide a reference list using APA format at the end of the assignment. Minimum 3 references!!
  • Do complete a spell check before submission.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Prepare and give adequate time to this assignment
  • Read about the condition using reliable academic resources
  • Use ‘Ariel’ font size 11 or 12 only
  • Justify the margins of your assignment
  • Ensure the top cover has your name, assignment title and student number
  • Ensure you provide a reference list in APA at the end of your assignment (separate page)
  • Don’t
  • Do not wait until the last few hours to submit your assignmentit is a deadline not a target.
  • Late submissions will be penalized according to policy.
  • Do not submit PDF- only word documents
  • Do not submit more than 1,100 words ***any written work

exceeding the limit will not be marked

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