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describe process of selection, state personal reasons for selection, and rationales for the use of the intervention for that population and problem.

Quality Improvement Project (Electronic Paper Scanners) Order Description RUBRIC/GUIDELINE Clinical Quality Improvement Project Leading and Managing in Nursing **Project topic: To prove that the purchasing of (electronic paper scanners) for individual hospital clinics, in order to file and upload patient paper charted information into an Electronic Medical Records system (EMR), would be cost effective and save time.** The following guidelines will assist you in formulating and organizing your project, and in providing all required information within your PowerPoint presentation. Your project must address a problem or gap, propose a means to ameliorate it, give rationales for your proposed intervention, and state what your projected/expected outcomes will be. BASIC REQUIREMENTS Proposed intervention must be designed to improve quality of patient care, and must address one of the six categories identified in the Institutes of Medicine (IOM) Crossing the Quality Chasm report of 2001 (safe care, patient-centered care, effective care, efficient care, equitable care). Note: This source MUST be cited on the reference slide of your PowerPoint, and is in addition to all other citation requirements. Provide rationales for any interventions provided. Identify and describe what your projected/expected outcomes should be. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ORGANIZATION Title Slide: Pick something catchy Introduction Section: State your quality improvement project name, which IOM Quality Chasm category it addresses, and your projects overall purpose. (What is the goal of your project and which populations will it significantly affect?) Data Collection, Assessment, and Problem Identification Section: Reveal the problem/gap in the organization/department/unit that you discovered during your Leadership clinical experience and describe the discovery process: What stood out so much that it caught your notice? Why is it a problem? If not addressed, what will happen to the patient population being served? What patient-related statistics do you have regarding this problem? Has harm occurred or is it a risk for harm? Has anything been done to try to fix it in times past, and if so, what was it? If attempts have been made to ameliorate the issue, why is it a continued problem? Is there an education needstaff, patients, community? Look for a problems root cause and relate that information to your audience (and, FYI, looking for a root cause will assist you with designing a really super intervention). Intervention and Rationales Section: Reveal your proposed intervention and any associated tools; describe process of selection, state personal reasons for selection, and rationales for the use of the intervention for that population and problem. RATIONALS MUST BE REFERENCED AND CITED TO A NURSING RESEARCH ARTICLE AND MUST BE WITHIN THE LAST 5 YEARS. (APA) FORMAT. Expected/Projected Outcomes Section: Describe what you believe your intervention outcomes should be, and how long before you believe results will be visible to all affected parties. How will you evaluate (test for) outcomes, and how will you record and report that data? Project Conclusion Section: Brief recap of problem identified, intervention proposed, rationales for its use, expected outcomes, and proposed reporting of outcome data.

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