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Assignment 1: Writing Assignment #6: Development in Old Age Start Assignment Imagine for a moment- that you have successfully reached the eighth decade of life (80+ years of age). What sorts of deve

Assignment 1: Writing Assignment #6: Development in Old Age Start Assignment

Imagine for a moment, that you have successfully reached the eighth decade of life (80+ years of age). What sorts of developmental milestones would have you have completed to successfully reach this age. What is life like at this age? What aspects will have changed in old age, and what would have remained the same? Think about changes to personality, cognition, intelligence, emotion, etc., not just obvious physical changes.

What changes could you make to your life now that will help you successfully reach this age?

Assignment 2: Please read the full assignment sheet for Project 2 to make sure you have met all requirements before submitting your essay.

Mini Essay #3: Due October 17

Choose one of the following prompts:

  1. One of the reasons we read is to learn about the world around us and to see things from a different perspective, to see through the window of the book. Angie Thomas explains a world, events, and experiences that may be unfamiliar to us. Choose a place, a person, a word, experience, or event mentioned in the novel that is unfamiliar to you. Reread that section and look for context and description that Thomas provides. Then, locate an article, website, documentary, dictionary entry that explains the event/person/word/event. Summarize the source you found and explain what you learned from it. Then, explain how your new understanding provides insight into Thomas’s book.
  2. Hip-hop has been called a global movement for its ability to act as a platform for young people’s agency and to allow them to articulate their concerns. Angie Thomas examines both the positive and negative nature of rap culture in her novel. In both cases, though, she shows how hip-hop is important to allowing Bri to challenge her circumstances, find her voice, and create a new life. She even includes original song lyrics and mentions several songs throughout the novel. Create a soundtrack/playlist of at least eight titles for the book. The playlist should highlight important themes in the book and relate to specific events. Provide an introduction to your playlist and brief justifications/explanations for each song, making connections to specific scenes/quotes/passages.
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