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write a 3 APA format, on the career they are choosing after they graduate.

RESEARCH ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT: Students will write a 3 APA format, on the career they are choosing after they graduate. The following must be included. Explain the occupation; ( 1page) my occupation will be Gastroenterology Health care administrator- at the moment i am working as a practice manager in a gastroenterology clinic in the hospital. Why is Medical Terminology important in that occupation? (1 page) Then students will choose 25 prefixes, 25 suffixes, 25 roots, 25 terms that they feel are the most important to them. Students are to list and define. Do not forget to list your references.TERMS:anastomosisbariatricsceliac diseasecholangiographycholecystectomycirrhosiscolonoscopycolostomycrohnsdiverticulitisdysphagiaenteritisesophageal varicesesophagogastroduodenoscopygastroesphageal reflux diseasehematemesishepatitishyperemesispeptic ulcerpolypregurgitationsigmoidoscopyulcerative colitis-stomatitisjaundice.ROOTS:gastr/o enter/oceli/oor/ochol/oesophag/operi/opancrea/ocol/oile/oor/oduodeno/gloss/opeps/oorgan/opancreat/ogastr/ohemat/orect/ohepat/olapar/oproxim/osial/oSUFFIXES:pharynx-throat-y condition; process-gram-record-graphy-process of recording an image-ia-condition-iasis-abnormal condition-ic-pertaining to-itis-inflamation-logist specialist in the study-logy study of-megaly- enlargement-oma- tumor-osis-abnormal condition-phagia-condition of eating or swallowing-plasty-surgical repair-ptosis-drooping-scope-instrument used to observe-stomy-new opening-tomy-incision-tripsy-crushingPREFIX:a- not-withoutad towardanti- againstbrady- slowdys- painful-difficultepi- upon , abovehyper- above normalpan- all ,everythingperi- aroundpoly- manyretro- backward, behind

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