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What should the RN do in this scenario?

What should the RN do in this scenario?

Case Scenario:

A 70-year old patient has experienced a devastating stroke and is comatose in the intensive care unit on a ventilator. A family meeting was held. The hospital physician explained the irreversible damage to the brain, and discussed end of life care and wihdrawal of life support. Family members acknowledge understanding and return to the patient’s room. As the RN was preparing to enter the room, she overheard a family member say, “Mom always said she didn’t want to be attached to a bundh of machines.” Another family member replies, “Don’t tell anyone she signed forms on the last admission, I don’t think we should take her off life support.”

Referring to the 2015 American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics:

1. Describe (2) ethical principles in conflict for the RN in this scneario.

2. What should the RN do in this scenario?

3. Provide a rationale that goes beyond your personal opinion based on the ANA Code of Ethics

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