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What other information do you consider important for the selection decision?

Program : M.Sc. (Applied) in Human Nutrtion (Dietetics Credentialing), at McGill UniversityPersonal Information that you can use: I am currently majoring in Nutritional Sciences at UofT, straight A student.I have decided to switch my campus from Mississauga to Toronto just to enrol into Nutrtion Major.I have a research experience in this field as i have worked as a summer (2015) researcher at sick kids with one of UofT Nutritional sciences Professor, where I have analyzed the protein content in human breast milk using BCA prior to fortifying it and feeding it to premature babies. This experience was an eye opener to me to what the real research world is like. It made me realize how passionate i am about the field of dietetics. Being part of that community made me feel like I was contributing valuable information to better the health of our infants. I also currently volunteer as a researcher for one of my professors Collaborated in reviewing evidence-based analysis on different public health matters in the Middle East. Improved my literature review skills.I have received many awards (scholarships) for my academic performance at UofT.I love this field as i believe in preventative medicine, where nutrtion is not just about loosing weight, its all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases instead of just treating them. In summary, here are some questions that you can address in the essay and probably guide you in writing it.o Why do you want to enter the dietetics profession?o What experiences have helped prepare you for your career?o What are your short-term and long-term goals?o What are your strengths and weaknesses or areas needing improvement?o What other information do you consider important for the selection decision?

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