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What is the treatment of this problem?

New discoveries in physiology in last 5 years Project description Term papers: Students should perform a MEDLINE data base search to locate journal articles on their topic and select at least 5 recent (within the last 10 years) papers from major biological and medical journals for the basis of the paper. Students may also use other biological databases (EBSCO HOST, Biosis, ). Papers and references lists should be submitted along with your paper. No late papers will be accepted. Components of the paper Introductory paragraph about the topic. How many people affected? Why is it important? Background: Introduce the topic. What facts (about your topic) does one need to know in order to understand this physiology related disease? Provide them! Using journal articles, give some information about the topic (historical background, definition, and mechanisms of regulation, etc). Which system is involved? ex. Endocrine System, Nervous System, Immune System, etc.). Discussion of the topic itself: your focus should be on the physiology of this disease. Briefly state how the organ or system should work and then describe specifically what physiological factors preventing or interfering with the normal functioning of that organ or system. You should also try to answer these questions but use your common sense not to write more than two pages: what is the clinical problem? What are the symptoms)? What causes the symptoms? What is the treatment of this problem? How common is it? Etc Summary: Include discussion of what more need to be done in future studies, its causes, or treatment. Papers must be neatly types. Use full sentences, correct spelling and grammar. Be thorough in addressing the topic. The main point of the paper is to provide another means of demonstrating your knowledge of concepts in physiology. Include references! From where did you get your information? You may use textbooks and scientific research journals as references (not just information from web pages on the Internet, newspapers, or Cosmopolitan!), Cite references in text by author and date (i.e., Campbell et al., 2004). Reference format (examples): Journal article: Barnstorm M, Woessner JF. Inhibitors of mammalian tissue collagenase. Endocrinology 2003; 122: 1715-1721. Chapter in book: Sokol RR, Rohlf FJ. Biometry. New York: WH Freeman and Co: 1981:253-261. You need to use at least five journal articles. You may substitute one book source for one journal article. The paper should be 5-7 pages. Grading: 1)Correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. 2)Clarity of writing (can I understand what you are trying to say?) 3)Demonstration of logical and critical thought 4)Demonstration of thorough research on and understanding of the topic. 5) Do not Copy and paste

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