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What is the purpose of clinical practice guidelines?

Question 1 What is the purpose of clinical practice guidelines? • Question 2 A service is cost-efficient when: • Question 3 Compared to other nations, the U. []S. [] uses a larger share of its economic resources for health care. [] • Question 4 Prevention and lifestyle behavior changes to promote health are not major foci of the medical model. [] • Question 5 Whether payment for health care services is made by the government or by a private insurance company, individual patients pay a price far higher than the actual cost of the service. [] • Question 6 Managed care increased the rate of growth in health spending between 1993 and 2000. [] • Question 7 Health care costs for the elderly are nearly 3 times more than those for the non-elderly. [] • Question 8 What is meant by the term “health care costs”? • Question 9 What is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? • Question 10 What is the Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS)? • Question 11 The U. []S. [] has never imposed price controls on the health care industry. [] • Question 12 Approximately what percentage of GDP is spent on health care? • Question 13 What are administrative costs? • Question 14 What are the main activities of risk management? • Question 15 What is the main reason for the lack of success of health care cost control efforts in the U. []S. []? • Question 16 The Donabedian Model includes all of the following elements except: • Question 17 Why should rising health care costs be controlled?

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