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What is the difference between liability and full coverage auto insurance?

Question 1: Insurance for the lender if it needs to foreclose on a home and the sale does not cover the mortgage and the cost of the foreclosure is called: Private mortgage insurance Premium mortgage insurance Primary minimum insurance Primary mortgage insurance Question 2 :What is the disadvantage to buying a home? The value of your house may increase Eventually you will be able to live payment-free The value of your house may decrease You will gain equity by paying down your mortgage Question 3 : what is the quickest and simplest form of bankruptcy? Question 4: Which of the following is not a type of life insurance? Term life insurance Mid-term life insurance Whole life insurance Universal life insurance Question 5: If total tax deductions are greater than the standard deduction allowed by the IRS, you can itemize or list them on Form 1040, thus reducing your overall income tax bill. This is known as: Adjusted gross income Itemized deductions A tax credit An exemption Question 6 : A health maintenance organization (HMO): Has a greater selection of doctors than a preferred provider organization (PPO) False is more expensive than a PPO Provides less flexibility in selecting doctors than a PPO Has a deductible for out-of-network expenses Question 7: If you made $25,000 last year in income and paid $100 in gasoline tax, what rate (%) of income was your gasoline tax? 0.004% 0.4% 0.025% 0.25% Question 8: What is the difference between liability and full coverage auto insurance? Liability insurance only covers the drivers legal responsibilities if they are at fault in an accident Full coverage includes liability plus comprehensive coverage but not collision insurance Liability in general costs more than full coverage You are required by law to have full coverage until you are age 21. Question 9: Which tax is applied uniformly, thus imposing a greater burden on the poor than on the rich? Progressive Regressive Gift Estate

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