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What imagery does each author use to color the tone or mood and so convey the theme?

Term Paper Assignment: 5-6 pages; Due: May 13th (No late papers!) Order Description 1. This paper will require you to closely analyze and compare two texts. You must: 1. read each text closely; 2. focus on the given theme; 3. structure your essay according to the outline provided; 4. use appropriate literary terms; and 5. provide support for your claims by using quotations from the text. You will need a ?Works Consulted? page for your primary sources in proper MLA format. 2. Use the structure provided to write your paper, making sure you are expressing yourself clearly and decisively. Edit your paper for usage errors (see your ?Hit List?) and appropriate use of literary terminology. Proofread your paper to make sure it?s presentable: typed, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, no extra spaces between paragraphs, no giant margins, pages numbered with your last name on the second page: Smith 2, Smith 3; etc.; a clear title of your own for your paper; authors? names spelled correctly; titles complete and accurate. 3. Your goal is to analyze and discuss a central theme of illness and wellness in each text. Consider how character, central conflict, language, setting, symbolism, and point of view compare thematically in Edson?s W;t and Ofri?s ?Merced?. (Death and Dying, Medical Ethics, and/or Empathy would work best 4. Structure: 4.1 Your introductory paragraph will name both texts and authors and clearly list your major points of comparison in relation to your key theme. This paragraph should be no more than five or six sentences long. 4.2. Your first and second body paragraphs will offer a brief summary of the plot and key elements (character, key conflict, setting, symbolism, point of view) in each of your texts. If you are working with poems, you can also summarize key elements of the poem, even if there is no ?plot.? 4.3. The rest of your paper ?which will be between 5 and 6 pages ? will detail your points of comparison. Divide your paper into three sections: What does the narrative voice/perspective tell you about the theme in each text? What is the conflict or source of tension in each text and what does this conflict suggest about the theme? What symbols are used to convey the theme in each text? OR what is the setting of each text and what does the setting tell you about the theme? Characterize the relationships between the central characters (or the internal source of conflict in the case of a poem with one central voice) and state what these relationships convey about the theme. What imagery does each author use to color the tone or mood and so convey the theme? Each section of your paper must stick with one central point of comparison. You can even divide your paper into three sections by giving it mini-chapter headings: Conflict, Character, Setting, etc. ? so long as you make sure you always are analyzing how the authors create meaning (theme). Every observation you make should tie in with a theme. Theme, even in a non-fiction work, is tied to conflict. 4.4. Make sure you use supporting quotations directly from the text. Use parenthetical documentation: (72) and include a Works Cited list ? even if your stories are from our text.

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