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What happens during Anaphase?

What happens during Anaphase?

Select one:

a. Chromosomes align along the middle plane

b. Centromeres separate and pull newly replicated chromosomes apart

c. Chromosomes coil and shorten

d. A new membrane forms around chromosomes

Between 2011 and 2015, which cancer incidence has increased significantly?

Select one:

a. Pancreatic

b. Leukaemia

c. Cervical

d. Melanoma

Which of the following is a gender difference in cancer prevalence?

Select one:

a. Females have a lower survival rate than males

b. Males have a higher overall prevalence of cancer than females

c. Breast cancer is not possible in males which is why it is not included in prevalence figures

d. There are more cases of breast cancer than prostate cancer

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