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Was it easy to store, transport, and carry?

Was it easy to store, transport, and carry?

Trying New Whole Foods – adapted from an assignment by Amanda Buxbaum

Have you ever found yourself in the produce section of the grocery store, staring at a food item you’ve never seen before? Did you buy it?

As we learn in the early part of the course, variety is an important indicator of a healthful diet. Think about how many different foods you eat on a regular basis. This assignment will force you to explore some new foods you’ve never tried before and increase the variety of foods you eat, for this semester at least.

Your task is to try 5 new whole foods. Remember to be conscious of what is, and is not, a whole food: A whole food is a food that is in the form in which it is found in nature… something you can pick, gather, milk, hunt, catch, or in some other way obtain without highly processing or refining it. A whole food is a food from which nothing has been taken away, and nothing has been added to it. If you could (in principle) prepare the food item on your own, without a laboratory or fancy equipment, then it is a whole, real, food. (Minimally processed foods that have been around for centuries are whole, real, foods.) Food items that are refined, fortified, enriched, or in any other way highly processed are not whole foods!

Complete and submit the following page for each food item you try, and attach at least 1 photo of each food. You may choose to attach photos of the food in different stages of the preparation process (e.g. as it appears at the store, during cooking, the final product on a plate).

You must submit 5 of these pages by the due date specified in the syllabus. I encourage you to get started as early as possible, and submit each individual food report as you complete it.


Choosing a significantly new and whole food = 1 point

Referenced statement about the nutritional value of the food = 1 points

Attached photo(s) of the food = 1 point

Completed questionnaire (the next page) = 1 point

Process writing = 2 points

6 points per food x 5 new foods = 30 points total

Trying New Whole Foods


Date eaten:

Do you want to eat it again? Why or why not?

Was it tasty?

Does is go well with your other foods and meals?

Was it easy to prepare?

Was it expensive or inexpensive?

Was it easy to store, transport, and carry?

Did you share it with anybody? Did they like it?

It is nutritious? Include at least one referenced nutritional statement or quote about this food.

PROCESS WRITING – Write one paragraph about your experience with this new food. Your process writing piece may include any of the following things: how you heard about the food, your experience shopping, storing, cooking, tasting, and eating it, and how you felt during any of this including how you felt afterwards.

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