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Provide the background for your selected health issue and describe its impact on Indigenous peoples.

indigenous health Indigenous Australians carry an excessive burden of ill-health in comparison with Australia’s non- Indigenous population. The aims of this assessment are to demonstrate comprehensive, coherent and connected knowledge and apply the knowledge gained through intellectual inquiry to the diversity of Indigenous Australia. In this essay students are encouraged to, explore an Indigenous health issue, the impact that this health issue has on Indigenous peoples and identify programs for achieving better health outcomes for Australia’s Indigenous Peoples. Part 1 Choose one (1) health issue from the list below. Dementia, Lung cancer, Renal disease, antenatal/postnatal care, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Otitis media, Diabetic retinopathy or trachoma. PART 2 Provide the background for your selected health issue and describe its impact on Indigenous peoples. Please note this is not a pathophysiological discussion. PART 3 Using the materials provided in lectures and tutorials and from your own research, briefly identify and discuss how the social determinants of health impact on your chosen health issue. PART 4 Research an Indigenous focused culturally appropriate program that is attempting to address your chosen health issue. The program you choose can be from a government organisation, non-government organisation (NGO) or from an Indigenous community controlled organisation. The program identified can be either completed or in progress, successful or unsuccessful. Your discussion must be supported by current (2008 onwards) literature and other relevant sources.3 This should inform the reader about what you intend to cover in this essay. State in your opening paragraph your overall aim when responding to the essay question and then outline the aspects of the topic you will discuss. The background of your chosen health issue should include, but is not limited to the number of Indigenous people affected. For example is one gender or a geographical area represented more than another? You will also be required to discuss the impact on person, community, family, kinship groups. All of these aspects need to be discussed in relation to your chosen health issue. In relation to your chosen health issue you will need to, identify and explore the social determinants of health, the relationship that these determinants have to overall health, how and why the social determinants of health are related to your chosen health issue? Your discussion is expected to encompass a holistic approach and demonstrate an understanding of the meaning of health and well being to Indigenous People in comparison to the western medical model. Your discussion about the identified program should include the program aim/s, objective/s, target population, location of program implementation, process of implementation and delivery, outcomes and how the outcomes were measured. You will also be required to discuss how the program you have identified aligns with the concepts of self-determination, cultural safety and the health and wellbeing from an Indigenous perspective. Conclusion In your final conclusion summarise the main points you have discussed in your essay but avoid repeating the introduction.