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How does your topic relate to UAE social environment?

Child abuse and depression Paper details: write this report for me and please make for me a survey and make analysis for me and send for me the questions of the survey.. and the report will be like that : 1. The content of the project will be as follows; a. Title b. Abstract c. Introduction ? Define the topic of study ? Why you choose the topic? ? What is its relevance to human being? ? How does your topic relate to UAE social environment? ? What do you aim to study in this topic d. Hypothesis of the study e. Review of literature (review of pervious researches related to the topic from research journals, internet, books, newspaper or media) ? Review of pervious researches related to the topic: minimum 10 and maximum 15. ? Each review should be summarize with in-text citation and end of references ? A general conclusion of the chosen researches f. Methodology used in conducting the research ? How will you conduct the research? ( Research Design) ? What will be your sample size? ? Who will be your sample? ? Why choose the sample? ? Explanation about the type of Tool (questionnaire) that will be used. ? Details about the questionnaire. g. Data collection and report writing ? Prepare a questionnaire with regard to your topic and conduct a survey. ? The data collected by the survey must be analyzed statistically and graph/charts need to be prepared for the results. ? Based on the result a report should be written. Also compare your survey result with findings you made in the literature. Survey 1. What is your gender? 0 Man 0 Woman 2. How old are you? ________________ 3. Which educational level from this have you reached? 0 Primary School 0 Middle School 0 Some High School 0 High School Diploma 0 Some College 0 College Diploma 4. Do you work ? 0 Yes 0 No a.If yes, how many hours do you work? ___________ b.If no, how do you get the money? 0 Parents 0 Illegal activity 0 Government support 0Other_________________________________________________ 5. What is your marital status? 0 married 0 single 6. What is your primary language? 0 English 0 Arabic 0 Other ___________________ 7. What do you think is the main causes of child abuse? 0 anger 0 stress 0 abused in the past 0other_____________ 8. Were you abused as a child? 0 Yes 0 No 9. What type of abuse do you think is the worst one ? 0 physical 0 sexual 0 verbal 0 Other _______________ 10. Do any of your relatives suffer from anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder, or antisocial personality disorder? 0 Yes 0 No 11. Has child abuse changed your personality? 0Made me worse 0stayed the same 0made me better 12. If you received a help for your depression, what will you choose? 0medication 0counseling 0cognitive behavioral therapy 13. Have you been afraid of physical activities? 0 Yes 0 No 14. Do you smoke? 0 Yes 0 No a. If so, how many cigarettes a day? ____________ 15. What do you think is the main causes for depression in our life? 0 life events 0financial difficulties 0 relationship problems

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