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Discuss range of preventative, therapeutic & supportive interventions which ones were implemented and why?

Care study A written 4,800 care study which is based on the care of a stable individual, requiring care in the hospital or community setting within a specified time frame. Remember do not choose a deteriorating patient but a stable patient Introduction Introduce topic how it is interesting, important, problematic, prevalence, impact, , burden of disease, cost, variations in standards of care however importance of models, NP and EBC and patient centred care purpose statement appears as final sentence in introduction including specification of timeframe , chosen model, setting, condition circa 350 400 words Patient Presentation Gender, age, occupation, pre-existing, social support, condition, medical & surgical history meds, & signs and symptoms of acute episode, onset, setting, psychological, VS circa 200 words Disease (case) Definitions, classification, Aetiology, epidemiology, burden, signs & symptoms, diagnosis, pathophysiology, impact, complications, treatment, circa 300 -350 words Nursing Theory and Models Critical oveview of nursing definitions, metaparadigm, common models, Roy, Orem, Carpar Peplau, circa 500 words RLT Model of Nursing Depth discussion of chosen model e.g. RLT i.e. explanation, strengths, weaknesses, previous applications circa 400 words Nursing Process Critical outline of nursing process, explanation, types/evolution, advantages and disadvantages, chosen type, 400 words Assessment Principles of nursing assessment, consent, collaborative exercise with patient / carer. Holistic comprehensive & targeted assessment of individual as , objective/ subjective data gathering circa 800 words Plan Decide on priorities derived from targeted assessment, articulate goals according to MACRO or PRODUCT circa 200 words Interventions Discuss range of preventative, therapeutic & supportive interventions which ones were implemented and why? What guidance supported these? circa 800 words Evaluation Evaluate using same assessment methods whether evidence based interventions were effectives how do you know? Circa 300 words Recommendations for practice Critical discussion of best evidence for future practice, not to be presented in bullet points circa 200 words Conclusion Summarize main ps of assignment & reiterate key messages with supporting references, point the way forward for future practice. Leave reader with something to think about circa 300 words

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