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Discuss factors that contribute to homelessness in people with mental illness.

In completing the case study students will be addressing the following learning objectives:
Discuss factors that contribute to homelessness in people with mental illness.
Discuss barriers that prevent homeless people with mental illness from receiving care measures to promote access.
1. Kevin a 39-year-old unemployed homeless male who has paranoid schizophrenia was brought to the psychiatric hospital by the police. Citizens called the police because Kevin was in the street directing pedestrians and traffic in opposition to the traffic lights and verbally abusing everyone who did not follow his directions. Kevin is known to the police since he is often homeless and states that his family does not want him. Kevin also has a history of poly substance abuse with alcohol heroin and crack cocaine and he has been jailed for public intoxication several times. The nursing assessment reveals that Kevin has not been taking his prescribed psychotropic medications for 3 weeks. Kevin states that he does not have any money and he does not remember where to go for mental health care (Learning Objectives: 2)
a. What are the major factors that contribute to Kevins frequent homelessness?
b. What barriers does Kevin face in the receiving treatment? How can these barriers be addressed?
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xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx illness
Lack of low-income housing
Stigma xxxx the community
xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx
xx What xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx in the xxxxxxxxx treatment?
Communication difficulties xxx be xxxxxxxxxx xxxx a person’s xxxxx xx education or xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx cultural xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx disability
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx remedies
Fragmented xxxxxxx and less xxxxxxxxx xxxx to ongoing xxxxxx xxxxxx needs.
xxxx xx xxxx undue stigma that makes xx difficult xx xxxxxxx appropriate xxxxx
How can xxxxx barriers xx addressed?
xxxxxxxx on the risk factors that xxxxxxxxxx xx homelessness as xxxx as advocating for xxxxxxxxxx change.
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