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Describe the problem/condition

When researching the problem/condition be sure to do the following:

-Describe the problem/condition

-Provide background of the problem/condition, include information on incidence, risk factors, treatment, why it happens, how it happens, prognosis etc.

-Include developmental-life span-growth and development, cultural, psychological and environmental factors that impact the patient

-Include this information (as appropriate) in your teaching plan where appropriate

-Nursing care plan,3 diagnosis not all details will be provided, include additional information you would like to know and/or information you are assuming based on the case description (note this in care plan). For the evaluation section note what would be assessed for evaluation purposes (what information you are looking for in the evaluation)

1.Your patient Isapoinhkyaki is an 11 year old girl of Blackfoot descent; she has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes. She has recently moved to Brampton from Southern Alberta and has made very few friends. She lives in a basement apartment with her father. He works as a labourer and has intermittent work. Her mother lives in another city but her grandmother lives in the upstairs apartment. They rely on food banks to supplement their diet.

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