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Describe condition in detail.

Describe condition in detail.

Case Study: An 88-year-old female was seen in the physician’s office complaining of SOB, dizziness, orthopnea, elevated temperature, and a productive cough. Lung auscultation revealed rales over the R bronchus. CXR revealed fluid in the RUL. The patient was sent to the hospital. Vital signs upon admission were: temperature 102°F, pulse 100 and rapid, respirations 24 and labored, blood pressure 180/110. She was treated with IV antibiotics, postural drainage, and IPPB. She responded well to treatment, and was released home to her family with oral antibiotics on the third day.

1) What is the patient’s diagnosis?

2) Describe condition in detail.

3) List and define all presenting symptoms in your own words

4) Describe all the patient’s vital signs. Include normal ranges for all vital signs.

~Cite your references in APA format

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