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Define and addresses the topic along with 3 supporting details and examples of the role of Physical Therapy.

Case Study Project. This is to be a 360 degree approach to study based on a case study. Review: Introduction of patientwithout name Medical history The diagnosis and associated pathology, disease course and all related systems. PT Guide Practice Pattern ICD 9 code Anatomy of all involved and related structures including: o Tissue level Tissue type and make up o Healing stages, process, etc. Physiology of the system / organs involved Medical treatment Associated Risk Factors All possible impairments and all related data collection techniques that may be used (include specific measures and how they are graded ie: MMT, balance tests, cognitive measures o Vital signs (norms techniques) o Pain (type of pain, anatomic/physiologic considerations o Anatomy of the joints involved /type of joint/ planes of movement /types of movement o Impaired ROM (all assoc. joints) (normal range) if impaired, what possible causes o Muscles assoc. with the joints (origin, insertion, agonist/antagonist) o Nerves / dermatomes involved o Tone type / cause, related Neuro issues o Posture o Sensation o Balance o Gait impairments o Issues with integument o Cognitive status / impairment o Communication / teaching and learning issues and best technique All possible functional limitations (as above) All possible Interventions for impairments and functional limitations o Indications o Precautions o Contra-indications Patient/caregiver training and education Considerations for ADL/IADLs, living environment Adaptive & Assistive Devices Any possible specific equipment that may be used / needed (wheelchairs seating systems braces, reachers, etc. [and rationale for selection], All safety issues including when to stop a treatment Pharmacological considerations (drugs prescribed for this condition, possible adverse signs etc.) Documentation Possible legal, ethical issues / PTA Standards [APTA Core Doc] Other team-members involved in care roles, communication When to communicate with the PT Performance Criteria Oral Presentation 15-Meets Expectations 10-Partially Meets Expectations 6- Difficulty Meeting Expectations 2-Has Not Meet Expectations SCORE Define Case study and how it relates to PT Introduces Case study. Defines and addresses the topic along with 3 supporting details and examples of the role of Physical Therapy. Closing statement Case study not introduced. Information defined and addresses the topic along with 1 to 2 supporting detail and examples of the role of Physical Therapy. Closing statement Introduces topic. Information defined without examples. No closing statement Information presented not related to the assigned topic. No introduction or closing statement. 7 Meets Expectations 5-Partially Meets Expectations 3- Difficulty Meeting Expectations 1-Has Not Meet Expectations Subject Knowledge Logical organization and sequencing of information, easy to follow presentation Occasional inconsistencies and pauses in organization with some difficulty to follow presentation Thoughts scattered and difficult to follow organization and presentation. Information presented poorly organized and not relevant. Presentation Student utilized handouts, and pictures or demonstrations. Discussed topic without reference to written material. Student presented topic without resources. Discussed topic with occasional reference to written material. Student presented topic without additional resources. Student read mostly from the written material. Student presented topic without resources. Student read directly from the written material. Feedback Invited and encourages questions and feedback Answers questions appropriately but did not encourage questions Doe not answer questions completely Answers questions inappropriately or inaccurately Time 25-30 minutes 20-25 min 15-20 min <15 min Adhere to topic Presented only assigned topic with relevant material added for support Presented assigned topic with other relevant & irrelevant support to fill space Presented assigned topic minimally with majority from support material Did not present assigned topic Outline Outline with 3 references ( 2 Journal articles) and 5 test questions Outline with 2 references ( 1 Journal article) and 3-4 test questions Outline with 1 reference and 1-2 test questions No outline or no references with outline Total /50

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