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Calculate the risk of death for these men.

Calculate the risk of death for these men.

A researcher looked through town records to see who amongst the town’s retirees had spent their careers primarily working indoors versus outdoors. Once enrolled, they surveyed and screened for the presence of any form of skin cancer. This is an example of:

A. A case control study

B. A randomized controlled trial

C. A cross sectional study

D. A retrospective cohort study

Measures of morbidity are used to describe death rates in the population

A. True

B. False

It is easy in epidemiology to prove causality.


In the study of diabetics, 100 of the 189 diabetic men died during the 13-year follow-up period. Calculate the risk of death for these men.

A. Risk = (100/89) = 112%

B. Risk = (100/189) = 52.9%

C. Risk = (189/100) = 18.9%

A researcher did an ecological study looking at states with helmet laws and compared rates of death in vehicle accidents. The researcher found that states with helmet laws had lower rates of vehicle accident deaths. The researcher can conclude that on an individual level, those who wear helmets are less likely to die in vehicle accidents.

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